Scoretable officials and statiticians


The score bench is a vital part of basketball. From the youngest domestic players all the way up to the big leagues there is no game without the team on the sideline!

Bench duty involves operating the scoreboard and clock, recording the game on the iPad, managing the possession arrow, and using the numbered paddles used to communicate how many individual fouls a player has. The bench works with the referees to keep the game running smoothly.

Statisticians also play an important role in supporting the MC with stats during home games and gathering data to help coaches improve their team’s game.

There are plenty of opportunities once you join the courtside team. Keep score for our Waratah League games or bench your way all the way to international competitions like the FIBA World Cup.

Scoretable and keeping stats are fantastic ways to stay involved in basketball and be right in the thick of things. It’s an easy and enjoyable way to support your team.


JUNIORS | One parent from each team is required to do bench duty for every game.

SENIORS | All senior teams will be rostered on bench duty before or after a game. You may also be required to provide a duty referee when rostered on duty.

JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVE | Two parents from each team will be rostered on the bench along with two parents from the opposing team. A shot clock is introduced at SJL and John Martin Country Tournament for U16s.

SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE | A pool of experienced score table officials are necessary to support the Waratah League program. Talk to us about getting involved.


Becoming a scoretable official is an easy and fun way to increase your knowledge of the game (whatever it may already be), and to become a vital part of the games you attend. All parents of representative players are encouraged to watch the ‘Level 0 Scoretable Official Course’ to learn the basics.

Find out more about how you can become a scoretable official and watch the BNSW Score Table Course.


Who does score bench for junior teams?

Parents and guardians of the players are required to do bench duty during their child’s game. The referees cannot start a game until there are two people on the bench, preferably one from each team. Score bench education sessions happen at the beginning of each year and are regularly held online by BNSW. The referees are also happy to help you learn during the game.

Who can trial for a representative team?

All junior and senior players in our domestic competition are invited to attend representative trials. These take place in the second half of the year. Players from other Associations are also welcome.

Learn more about SBA’s representative program.

How do I learn to do the score bench?

SBA offers a score table course at the beginning of each year to help parents build confidence before the representative season. Our referees are always happy to help while you’re learning at domestic games and you can access an introductory level course from BNSW at any time.

Why do both teams need to supply someone for the bench at junior games?

Weekly junior games require one parent from each team on the bench. This ensures that the game is scored fairly and removes disagreement.

How do I join the bench team at senior representative games?

Send an email to to let us know you’re interested and outline any experience you may have already.